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The new model is coming. The 59-in-1 disassembly artifact screwdriver that the technical man must bu

  • Author:UF-liubei
  • Release on:2019-12-20
With the increasing number of digital products, having a set of screwdrivers for maintenance at home is believed to be the choice of many men. Today we bring you a Kingsdun electric precision screwdriver: KS-882025. This electric screwdriver not only can you say goodbye to the low efficiency of hand-tightening screws, a 59-in-1 electric precision lithium battery screwdriver set is used to fix PC laptop Iphone mobile phones, children's toys, wife's beauty instrument, mobile phones, tablets ... not all problem. In addition, KS-882025 is a real idol strength, with a super high value, even a professional maintenance person to come up with a set is enough to "brilliant" peer eyes, not to mention the technical house, dismantling machine , Can only be described with love. Let's take a look at how attractive this KS-882025 electric screwdriver is.

KS-882025 electric screwdriver is an upgraded version of the ordinary screwdriver set. Without saying anything else, the word "59 IN ONE" should be able to impress many disassemblers. After all, disassembly and repair work is inevitable when encountering special equipment. IPhone, mechanical watch, precision electronic equipment, many big brands. They are all keen to use special screws to prevent the public from dismantling at will. Isn't it embarrassing to find that there is no suitable bit when disassembling?

Compared with the elegant outer packaging, the internal layout of the KS-882025 electric screwdriver set is regular, the main unit and accessories are reasonably classified and individually packaged, and the internal items are labeled and exquisitely designed on each box. Immediately out of the box, I feel the meticulous craftsmanship. It is a very delicate repair artifact set.

59 in 1Electric Precision Lithium Battery Bit Screwdriver Set For Fixing PC Laptop Iphone Cell Phone

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