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Arbor Day | Let's pass on a beautiful new life! !!

  • Author:UF-liubei
  • Release on:2020-03-12

Arbor Day | Let's pass on a beautiful new life! !!

On the 12th Arbor Day, Youfu is here to ask everyone, do you know why we advocate planting trees?

Urban greening exceeds 50%, and pollutants in the atmosphere can be effectively controlled.

For every 1% increase in the area of ​​urban green land, the summer temperature can decrease by 0.1 ° C.

A 30-meter-wide forest belt in the city can reduce noise by about 6 to 8 decibels.

The bacterial content of 1 square meter of lack of green space in the city is 34,000.

Trees can help us purify the air, regulate the climate, protect against wind and sand, reduce noise, and beautify the environment, bringing new life ...

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However, due to the special circumstances of this year ’s Arbor Day, it is not convenient for everyone to go out and plant saplings. What You Fu is here to say is that mountains and rivers are green, and the earth has life. Shurenrenren, the same great cause of love; love home and country, Chang Zhao is a piece of heart. As long as everyone has a tree in their minds and environmental awareness, every day is an Arbor Day, and every day we are passing on new life! !! !!

In addition to the medical staff struggling in the front line

Every one of us

Can also contribute to epidemic prevention and control efforts at home

Work hard in order to convey the concept of green environmental protection! !!

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