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Are electric soldering irons and soldering stations the same? How are they different?

  • Author:UF-liubei
  • Release on:2019-11-30

In fact, the soldering station is also a type of electric soldering iron.Electric ironThe soldering station is just a new welding tool that appears in the electronic welding process due to the development of welding technology. Nowadays, the soldering station has made great progress. The double temperature display of Gerun electronic soldering station, rapid temperature return, accurate temperature control and temperature lock design, temperature adjustment, excellent antistatic, lightweight host, exquisitely designed heating core and handle. There are various machine models, which can be selected according to different products to avoid cost and waste of consumables. Often welding on a fixed table, the advantages of the soldering station are obvious.

Soldering StationsCompared with the advantages of electric iron

1. Efficiency comparison. There is a power switch on the soldering station. Turn it on when it is needed, and turn it off when not in use. It's easier than turning on the TV. It's as simple as turning the light on and off. The efficiency of the constant temperature soldering station is relatively high, the thermal efficiency can reach about 80%, and the electric soldering iron can generally have 50%.

2. There are indicators. If the soldering station is forgotten to close, a few meters away, you can see at a glance whether the soldering station is still working.

3. Comparison of energy consumption. The energy consumption of a constant temperature soldering station is relatively low, because when the temperature is adjusted, the heating is not performed, and the corresponding energy consumption is low. That is, the same welding effect requires less power for the soldering station.

4. Comparing the return temperature, the return temperature of the soldering station is faster, and the corresponding workers have higher work efficiency; constant temperature and temperature adjustment functions, the soldering iron head is not easy to burn and has a long life. Faster temperature recovery. There is no problem in desoldering the electrolytic capacitors on the computer motherboard. A soldering station can be used as a 30W soldering iron or as a 60W soldering iron. The efficiency of replacing the motherboard capacitor with a 40W external thermoelectric soldering iron. The 30W soldering iron took 1.5 hours and almost broke the motherboard.

5. Compared with the life of consumables, the temperature of the soldering station is controlled and will not be infinitely increased. Therefore, the life of the soldering iron tip and the life of the heating core are high;

6, safety comparison, the handle voltage of the welding station is only 24 volts AC, which is a safe voltage, generally does not occur electric shock phenomenon;

7, anti-static comparison, the soldering station has a function of removing static electricity, but the electric soldering iron generally does not.

The welding handle of the soldering station is relatively small, and the operation is more comfortable. The temperature-controlled soldering iron is slightly larger and is not easy to use. The soldering station can be anti-static, can quickly increase the temperature, and the soldering iron head is heated by high-frequency induction. The soldering iron head is a heating element and does not need heat conduction. It can be cold-started to 300 degrees as long as 5 seconds. Work efficiently.

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