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Carving knife function, use method

  • Author:UF-liubei
  • Release on:2019-11-20

In our life, knives are a particularly common tool. Scissors, kitchen knives, utility knives, engraving knives, etc. are all commonly used. Among them, the carving knife is the most direct assistant and companion who can help people to create woodwork. In the process of wood carving, the carving knife and its auxiliary tools play an important role.

Carving knife

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1, flat knife

The cutting edge is straight and is mainly used to shovel the unevenness of the surface of the wood to make it smooth and seamless. The large model is used to cut large wood carvings, and has a blocky feel. The use of the method, such as the brushstroke effect of painting, is powerful, vivid and natural. The sharp angle of the flat knife has a strong woody knife smell.

2, round knife

The cutting edge has a circular arc shape, which is mostly used for round and round dents, and is also very useful for carving traditional flowers. The horizontal knife is more labor-saving and can adapt to large fluctuations and small changes. Moreover, the line of the round knife is not certain, it is flexible and easy to explore.

3, oblique knife

The cutting edge has an oblique angle of about 45 degrees, which is mainly used for the corners of the joints of the work and the hollow slits. If the corner of the character is engraved, the oblique knife is better. The oblique knife is divided into a forehand and a backhand to suit each direction.

4, steel knife

The cutting edge is triangular, because the front is on the left and right sides, and the sharp points are on the middle corner. Therefore, the heavier the push, the thicker the triangle knife, and the thinner. The triangular knives are mainly used to engrave hair and engrave decorative lines. During operation, the triangular knives are pushed in the wood plate, the wood chips are spit out from the triangular grooves, and the lines pushed by the triangular knives are drawn.

How to use the carving knife

1. The size of the jacket should be suitable. There is a section, not enough round, wearable, and the taper of the inner hole must be selected. Otherwise, the handle will vibrate and the engraving will not produce the desired effect.

2. The tool holder should be in gentle contact with the jacket. The tool holder should be firmly inserted into the jacket and fastened. If the jacket is used for a long time, the inner hole must be deformed, and the jacket must be replaced immediately.

3, the tool should always check the toughness of the device, if the use is blunt, please replace it immediately, if you continue to use not only the engraving effect is not good, but also the case of broken knife.

4, woodworking engraving machine should be used when it is used, the thickness of the processing can not exceed the thickness of the cutting edge can be cut, it is still responsible for the broken knife.

5. For cutting of different materials, the cutting speed should be used reasonably.

6, the body, clothes, hair should not be close to the work in the object.

7, the recommended speed of cutting should be balanced, the speed should be as consistent as possible, in order to achieve better results, the cutting can not stay too long, to be done in one go.

8, the tool should use a special cleaning agent to remove dirt.

9. Buttering can prevent the knife from rusting.

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