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Commonly used anti-static wrist strap

  • Author:UF-liubei
  • Release on:2019-11-08
Everyone often has an electric shock when repairing some electronic tools. This is very troublesome and wastes maintenance time and experience.

Our anti-static wrist straps solve this problem and improve your maintenance experience.

ESD Wrap strap around wrist,enables you to Ground Yourself while working on Sensitive Electronics
Suitable for various sizes,keep static from damaging electronic parts and equipments
Band material: Stainless steel, non-allergenic,outer surface coated with paint,soft elastic band for comfort
Coil Cord Length: 6ft; Reistance: < 10E5惟,Snap Size: 10mm,Attached self-coiling grounding cord grants freedom to move and freedom from tangles
Simply wrap strap around wrist,adjustable,suitable for various sizes using the wrist

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