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Essential screwdriver set for home improvement, you only need one set of tools to achieve yourself

  • Author:UF-liubei
  • Release on:2019-12-26
Maintenance is both familiar and unfamiliar. Many people have several sets of tools at home, and the most practical and widely used tool is a screwdriver. Presumably, screwdrivers are essential for every household. Repair tools, whether you are repairing electrical appliances or switches, etc., are indispensable for its help.

With the pace and trend of modernization development, there are more and more small products, and many screw accessories cannot be repaired by our common cross or flat screwdrivers. At this time, a set of tools is needed. So that we can do more with less

As the precision screwdriver introduced today, it has its own characteristics and advantages. For general repair of mobile phones and small electrical appliances, usually, the screw specifications are different from our common ones. At this time, Refining screwdriver tools is very important, especially for diamond-shaped screws and M-shaped screws, and even some uncommon screw types. Refining screwdrivers are more professional and targeted.
KS-8060 Intensive screwdriver set, its packaging box uses more retro beech as a material, polished through the process, and the surface of the lacquer is maintained, so that it can maintain its appearance throughout the year without deformation, for some teachers It must be the most experienced, because in the early years, some similar repair tools were used in solid wood boxes. Therefore, this KS-8060 repair screwdriver set also retains many maintenance enthusiasts. The love of the solid wood box and the original intention.

It is worth mentioning that although the exterior of this KS-8060 precision repair screwdriver set is a solid wood structure, the material inside the batch does have a magnetic effect. The 65 types of refinement bits inside are contained in their respective categories. Among them, relying on the bottom magnet for adsorption and storage, it is more convenient for people who use it frequently, and it is not easy to lose as a whole. For disassembly of general accessories, it also has a certain adsorption capacity to avoid the loss of screws.
In addition, for the hand-held handle screw that holds the batch of heads, its process is also very sophisticated, and a 360-rotatable screw bottom is also installed at the bottom, which can be operated close to the palm during maintenance and use to avoid use The rotation of the screw causes the bottom to rub the palm of the palm, and the palm peeling due to the long time, also plays a certain auxiliary role when rotating the screw.
We know that for general mobile phone repair points, the screws used on mobile phones are also strange, more common are cross-shaped, and some are diamond-shaped or even rice-shaped. For families, if there are problems in some aspects, you If you want to repair, it is difficult to find a handy tool. As this type of product, the screw model is relatively small. Although most of the products are installed in an assembly line, the accuracy and size of the screwdriver head are not our daily household screwdriver It can be compared, so at this time, such tools are urgently needed to better help us work and use.

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