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Have it solved once, disassemble, unlimited possibilities

  • Author:UF-liubei
  • Release on:2019-11-18

Screwdrivers, every family must-have tools, small to patch panels, children's toys, large home appliances, so a good tool is especially important, the previous use of ordinary screwdrivers, as long as easy, easy to use, good quality Yes, usually the gadgets don't care too much, but when assembling the home, I feel that the ordinary screwdriver is really not good, the screw is not good, and it is very tired. So today brings a multi-function repair precision screwdriver.
This product is not packed, it can be carried around, convenient to store, 122-in-1 set to meet your daily needs.

Usually, we will encounter more or less things that need to be disassembled, whether it is a digital electrical product that is already in the house, (watches, glasses, cameras, laptops, mobile phones, radios, drones, sweeping robots, razors, Plug-in boards, gamepads, etc..) Wear your own glasses, door panel frames, assembly tables and chairs, or newly purchased items. Tools are required for disassembly and assembly.

This screwdriver is different from other products, the design of the non-slip handle, the color of the black and gray, the simple atmosphere, giving a sense of skill, the same size as our usual common pen, so that I can easily put it into the bag. Inside, it is very convenient to carry.

The screwdriver head is forged with alloy steel, which is not easy to wear. At the same time of high-strength work, 101 precision batch heads fully meet all the requirements, including the extension of the batch head, so that the deep hole operation is also no pressure.

The art of combining ingenuity and technology, dismantling you want to disassemble, covering almost every use scene, this convenient screwdriver set brings convenience in daily life, and it will definitely let you dismantle the process. Have a wonderful sense of ritual.