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Household intensive screwdriver set, you are only a set of tools away from the master

  • Author:UF-liubei
  • Release on:2019-08-09

Maintenance, both familiar and unfamiliar, many people will have several sets of pickpocket tools at home, and as the most practical and widely used tool, it is necessary to use a screwdriver. Presumably, the screwdriver is essential for every household. The repair tools, whether you are repairing appliances or switches, etc., are indispensable for its help.

With the pace and trend of modernization, there are more and more small products. Many of the screws are not repaired by the cross or one-word screwdriver that we usually have. At this time, we need a set of tools. In order to let us do our work, we can do more with less.

Screwdrivers are very common. The size of a general-purpose screwdriver is larger than that of a general-purpose screwdriver. As a finishing screwdriver, its application range is also very wide, such as some mobile phones, small appliances, etc. They are very common.

As an ingenuity screwdriver introduced today, it has its own characteristics and advantages. For general repair of mobile phones and small appliances, the specifications of the screws are usually different from our usual ones. Intensive screwdriver tools are very important, especially for diamond screws and rice-shaped screws, and even some uncommon screw models, the precision tool screwdriver is more professional and targeted.

The color charging treasure intensive screwdriver set, this charging treasure refined screwdriver set also retains the concept of many maintenance enthusiasts, but also retains the light and convenient.

1: Aluminum storage box
High precision integrated molding process
Rounded edges for comfort
Surface blasting anodizing, anti-sweat and anti-corrosion
2:24 precision drill
High precision occlusion
Double anti-rust treatment
Hard but not brittle, tough but not soft
3: aluminum alloy handle
Special anti-slip treatment
Screw cap design

Youfu Tools produces a convenient electric screwdriver and a variety of other repair tools to give you a better repair and peace of mind experience.