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New electric hot air gun soldering station products

  • Author:UF-liubei
  • Release on:2019-09-11

new maintenance welding 990+ hot air gun soldering iron LCD SMD rework station

  Four memory buttons to keep temp/air : 1 second read and 3 second stroage.
Configurations: the world's leading technology ceramic core heater, microcomputer control panel, silicone air duct, high temperature handle, etc.

Real time operation by the magnetic switch and it enter into the sleep mode when putting
the handle on the holder.
It can automatically sleep and set parameters in the sleeping state.
Closed loop sensor, temperature can be controlled by zero-crossing voltage triggering
mode. Large power and rapid heating. Temperature can be conveniently adjusted accurately and stablely, and not affected by airflow, make it real lead-free welding.
It adopt the world-leading brushless whirlpool motor and the airflow is adjustable with a wide range but no level. It is a multipurpose unit.
Automatic cooling system can prolong the heating element’s life and protect the heat gun.

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