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Repair and disassembly tools commonly used in mobile phones

  • Author:UF-liubei
  • Release on:2019-10-14
1. Screwdriver (also called screwdriver or screwdriver):

2, multimeter: mainly used to measure AC DC voltage, current, DC resistance and transistor current amplification digits. There are two main types of digital multimeters and mechanical multimeters.

3. Electric soldering iron: a tool for melting tin for soldering
Things to be aware of when welding:
Master the temperature of the soldering iron. When the birch is added to the ferrochrome, the soft white smoke is emitted, and when the sound is not "beep", the welding time is controlled for the best state of welding. Do not be too long, which will damage the components and Circuit board
To remove the dirt from the solder joints, remove the oxide layer from the soldered original with a knife and pre-solder with rosin and tin.

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