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Repair tools needed to repair precision instruments?

  • Author:UF-liubei
  • Release on:2019-08-13

Today's factory production is increasingly moving towards automation, so the measurement of precision instruments is also moving towards automation. Automated online inspection equipment is more suitable for production site use, and it also makes inspection more accurate and online measurement.

Accurate measuring instruments are important equipments to be developed. Accurate measurement is the basis for high-quality production and an important raw material for manufacturing more precise equipment based on accurately measured products. Let me introduce you to a commonly used precision measuring equipment that we have developed in precision:

2019 Portable Pocket Mini Laser Rangefinder Laser Distance Meter 40m

1.EXCELLENT ACCURACY - Equipped with Silicon labs' clock generator, TDK capacitor and STMicroelectronics, accuracy is up to ± 1/25 inch; Measuring range ups to 131 feet to meet your regular measuring need.

2.EASY TO USE - Simple, one-button operation – press button once to begin measuring. Weight 28 g, this laser measure is compact enough to fit in any pocket. Features a backlit color display that allows measurements to be easily read, even in dark environment.

3.DURABLE - This laser distance measure is IP54 rated to withstand tough jobsite conditions such as dust; one charge lasts 3000 times measurement.

4.WIDE APPLICATION: This digital laser distance measure is slim but powerful, a good helper for home improvement or construction measuring. The backlit design allows you to measure in dark jobsite condition.

5.PACKAGE CONTENTS - Atuman HD40 Laser Measuring Device 131Ft; Hand Strap; USB charging cable; User Manual; 24 Months Warranty

Youfu Tools produces a convenient electric screwdriver and a variety of other repair tools to give you a better repair and peace of mind experience.