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This is the first screwdriver that belongs to the science and engineering man

  • Author:UF-liubei
  • Release on:2019-10-07

As a science and engineering man, I have always had an inexplicable admiration for German manufacturing. Because I have been exposed to some equipment on campus, after comparing Germany, Japan, and domestic production, I always feel that we can do better on some appliances. For this, my personal summary is that Germany is sophisticated but expensive, domestically produced is cheap but rough, both have advantages and disadvantages. With some sophisticated tools, more users may choose foreign products. As a boy born in engineering, the family also has several sets of tools, which are basically stupid. In the face of small and sophisticated items, it is often necessary to go out for repairs. Then, there is no good thing in domestic products? Obviously not. The screwdriver I am going to say today has hundreds of batch designs, an industrial grade screwdriver set, and the price is intimate. Now let's take a look at this "KS-8858 industrial grade screwdriver".

Packaging, face value
For this screwdriver set, because it has a lot of bits, the storage box is more important, otherwise it is easy to lose the bit. The material is imported from the eucalyptus, using traditional enamel technology, combined with modern woodworking techniques, to create a beautiful appearance. Even if you don't put it in the corner, you don't have to worry about it affecting the beauty and layout of your home.

The sides are tightly combined and beautiful.

At the connection of the upper and lower covers of the package, there is a strong magnet design, so that when the upper and lower covers are in contact, there will be a certain adsorption force, and the upper cover is not easy to fall off. This design is still very user-friendly.

Open the package, we can see the inner layout of the entire screwdriver set, it can be said that the layout, the design is very organized, so that you will feel that this will be a good screwdriver set before use. As for the real effect, we will test it later. I am now fascinated by the appearance of this screwdriver, I hope this screwdriver is not a guy who can't use it.

Because the screwdriver has a lot of bits, the manufacturer also recorded the fixed number of the batch. Below each batch, a strong magnet at the bottom is designed so that the bit is not easily dropped. Below the 54 batches, each has a hidden design that firmly holds the bit, and it is also convenient to pick and place.

In addition to the batch head, the set also has a screwdriver handle, extension rod, anti-static tweezers, and a degaussing/magnetizer.

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