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What anti-rust oil can be used for the screwdriver bit to prevent rust for 3~5 years?

  • Author:UF-liubei
  • Release on:2019-10-28
What kind of anti-rust oil is used for the screwdriver bit, it can be rust-proof for 3-5 years, and I received an inquiry call like this today. The customer is a factory in Zhejiang, specializing in the production of various screwdrivers. In our Guangdong, there are also many of his customers.

The screwdriver bit is often encountered in life. It usually refers to a screwdriver head that is attached to a hand drill or a hammer on a hammer. The electric screwdriver is an electric screwdriver used to fasten or loosen the screw. It is a small power tool.

The screwdriver bit rust preventive oil is a kind of lubricating oil used for rust prevention and maintenance on the surface of the batch head. According to the customer's needs, a salt spray test was required for 72 hours, which was slightly volatile, and he was ordered a screwdriver bit rust preventive oil.

Youfu's screwdriver special anti-rust oil is made of imported anti-rust agent, corrosion inhibitor, film-forming agent and other additives and solvent-based base oil. Has a strong resistance to salt spray.

Screwdriver bit rust preventive oil can be used for anti-rust treatment of screwdrivers of various brands, especially those products that need to be exported, and need to be tested by salt spray after shipping. Through this customized anti-rust oil, it can satisfy you well. The various high requirements of the customer.

Screwdriver bit rust preventive oil can solve for you:
1. If you are exporting the screwdriver bit, you need to go abroad by sea, you need to have better performance in salt spray resistance. Youfu custom screwdriver bit rust preventive oil can meet your high salt spray demand, some basic All are to be tested for salt spray for more than 72 hours.

2. The oil film is thin and transparent, and does not change the original color of the screwdriver head surface.

3. In this era of increasing environmental protection requirements, try to choose some environmentally friendly materials to support the factory. Youfu screwdriver bit rust preventive oil can provide relevant environmental test report.

4. Before the anti-rust oil is applied, the screwdriver bit needs to be cleaned to avoid other acidic substances or other dirty materials, which pollute the anti-rust oil and affect its use.