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Favorite for professional maintenance, new KS-840020 home repair screwdriver set experience

  • Author:UF-liubei
  • Release on:2019-12-07
In real life, whether it is repairing or installing furniture, or installing and repairing electrical appliances, as long as it involves screws, we will think of a tool screwdriver, and the variety of screws has created a variety of screwdriver sets!
Youfu tools new KS-840020 home repair screwdriver set

With the popularity of maintenance products in recent years, many products are fixed by various types of screws, and some screws are rarely even seen, which makes the product stretched and difficult to disassemble during maintenance. For ordinary household screwdrivers, Most of them are simple crisscross screws and flat-blade screwdrivers, which can only easily disassemble common product screws, and for some rare and difficult tasks that are difficult to complete disassembly and installation, we need a complete set Complete disassembly screwdriver tool set, and now there are too many such tools, as small as tens of pieces to hundreds of pieces, so how do you choose to find the right disassembly tool for you? Youfu's screwdriver combination set is believed to meet your maintenance needs!

Specifications of this Youfu KS-840020:
1.S2 alloy steel drill, sturdy and durable, quality assurance ..
2. Transparent cover box design, built-in tools are clearly visible. High-quality industrial plastic buckle, simple and fashionable, beautiful and generous.
3. Double-headed joint design, hexagonal reinforcement at the connection, internal 36-ratchet ratchet, labor-saving operation, convenient and fast.
4. T-type ratchet screwdriver combination kit basically covers various specifications of the market, and can be removed and installed. Just one set is enough, it is powerful and easy to use.
5. Sleeve extension rod, high-quality CRV, long-term use, hexagonal fixing, internal strong magnetic block, connected to the bit, firmly connected, not easy to fall, easy to use.
6. The sleeve uses CRV, high hardness, good toughness, high precision, long service life, flat surface and high precision.

Each of the 37-in-one sets uses high-quality industrial steel as the material, high-precision occlusion, and a special anti-rust treatment process on the surface. In conjunction with a professional magnetic absorption box, it is convenient for the repairer to target different screws The model can be used with a pinch, and the batch head and the base can be effectively absorbed in the storage box to prevent the batch head from being lost during use.

For the repair tool box, a complete set and a portable and durable experience are the best choice for those who love maintenance, and the most needed choice!

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