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KS-840115 multi-function repair tool kit-disassemble artifact

  • Author:UF-liubei
  • Release on:2020-06-05
  The screwdriver is a tool that is often used in our lives. It can be easily used when dealing with different screws. It is not a problem to open the can to remove things, but we usually use tools such as tweezers to pry the digital products. If you feel that carrying a screwdriver is not only inconvenient or comprehensive, then you can take a look at this practical multi-function screwdriver tweezers set, 122-in-1 screwdriver tool set multi-function tool set.

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The combination tool set has the advantages of being affordable and easy to use, especially for novice users who do not know which tools they should buy for spare. A combination tool allows you to calmly deal with the problems encountered in most lives . Choosing a suitable combination tool can definitely double your tool efficiency.

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This Kingsdun brand is a powerful tool merchant in the international market. It is packaged in a traditional cardboard box with a reasonable design layout inside, and its product quality naturally does not need to be said.

KS-840115 adopts nickel surface treatment design, integrated casting molding, the overall appearance is novel, the design concept of the casing is convenient for regular maintenance personnel to carry, and also comes with prying tools, tweezers, magnetizer, dial, multi-function screwdriver head box.

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1. Complete screwdriver head size
2. Standard tool set CRV bit, durable
3. With pry tool, tweezers, magnetizer, dial, multi-function

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For precision maintenance tools, the advantage of this product design is that, in addition to the convenient replacement of the bit, when it is carried out for maintenance, it is well placed in the pocket, backpack, etc., does not occupy space, and is convenient to use. There is a wide variety of bit heads. The standard tool set CRV bit is durable and one set can meet almost all maintenance needs.

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From the perspective of disassembly of related electronic products, this KS-840115 screwdriver tool set has many replacement heads, built-in head replacement, compact and easy to carry, especially for related professional screw removal. It is very easy to use. For many intelligent electronic products nowadays, if the maintenance staff prepares such a tool, they will be more handy to work, especially if its price is less than 100 yuan, how can you refuse it?